Uses for Old CDs

Looking for uses for old CDs or ways to recycle unneeded CDs? Put them to use in one or more of these fun projects.

Cut down on the cost of mosaic projects by breaking up CDs into small pieces (safety glasses, please) and applying them shiny-side-up to the surface of your project. They'll work just as well as glass, rocks or beads and give your project a neat, mirrored surface.

Are you in need of a large set of coasters for when guests come over? Skip the expense of store-bought coasters and put your spare CDs to use. They can be used as-is or decorated to fit your décor. For a quick redo, try adding patterned contact paper over the printed side of the disc. If you are feeling truly creative, glue personal photos onto the CD and then cover with clear contact paper. Either approach will be fun and nearly free.

Looking for a fun and affordable invitation idea? Just glue a circular piece of paper over the printed side of the CD and write in all the party details. Then, to complete the effect, slide the finished CD into a jewel case and deliver. Just beware: with such a fancy invitation, you aren't likely to have many people decline your invite.

Scrapbook embellishments
If you're an avid scrapbooker, you don't need anyone to tell you that you've chosen an expensive hobby. Fortunately, creativity can help to cut down on the cost. Need an idea to get started? Try using CDs in place of expensive store-bought findings. You can use a permanent marker to write directly on the CD or build up elements on the disc for a collage effect. Use your imagination, and you're sure to come up with some fun results.

Need a flashy garland for your next party? String a bunch of CDs together and you'll have a one-of-a-kind garland that's sure to draw lots of attention and comment.

Turn a creative eye to your collection of useless CDs and you're likely to find lots of ways to recycle them.

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