What Is the Difference Between an Extreme Gaming PC and a Normal PC

With the home computing industry so monumentally large, it's only natural for various types and brands of computers to emerge. From a home desktop to a laptop, from a low-end office computer to a high-end gaming PC, if there is one thing the home computing world isn't lacking, it's diversity. Every PC is specifically put together to fit a purpose, be it simple for tasks such as word processing or for more demanding tasks such as running graphically intense computer games. This is where the main differences between normal PCs and gaming PCs lie.

An everyday computer will be put together for simple tasks such as Internet browsing, sending emails and downloading files. For this reason, it isn't made up of the most powerful hardware. For the most part, the average PC will have an on-board graphics processor, an average speed processor, no more than a minimal amount of RAM and a power-supply unit built specifically to power what's in the computer at the moment and no more. There are clear limitations with a normal PC. More more times than not, they've become outdated a lot quicker than you'd hope.

An extreme gaming PC, on the other hand, is built like an old school muscle car. It will have a top line central processing unit, as much RAM as will fit and a high-end graphics card. These computers are made to be power horses and can usually run the most recent games without a hitch. Because they are put together with the latest technology, they will last a lot longer than your average PC. As long as the parts are kept in good condition and aren't pushed too hard with high amounts of overclocking-an act of pushing computer parts above their intended work rate-a good gaming PC could last for half a decade and still be able to run the latest games with somewhat reduced graphics settings.

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Building, or buying, the best gaming computers begins with choosing a video card, processor and memory. It's also important to think about how the motherboard may limit your choices of components down the road.

Buying cheap gaming computers doesn't have to mean that you've sacrificed performance and quality. If you're shopping on a limited budget, look for sales and recently outdated models for great deals, and consider upgrading.

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