Create Wii Characters

Wii characters give you a great way to customize your console and show off your creativity to friends and family. Learn how to create them and unlock the full potential of your Wii gaming experience.

Start with the Mii Channel
A Wii character is called a Mii and creating one is fairly simple, although getting the fine control of details down can be more of a challenge. Start by entering the Mii channel on your Wii console. From there, click Start, and you can begin the creation process. The most basic Mii customization is to determine the gender, height and weight of your Mii. From there, you have a lot of choices.

Which Wii Characters Do You Want to Create?
Although the tools seem simple, there's no shortage of customization options. From broad questions like gender down to tiny questions like eye color and size, the first thing to do when creating Wii characters is to decide who you want to create. Are you creating a mini version of you? Then make the size and height appropriate. Want to see your favorite celebrity running around, or even just a random Mii? Deploy the controls at will, and you're bound to get some interesting results.

Focus on the Face
While height and weight say a lot, and clothing and accessories can contribute to the overall look of your Mii, the face really says it all. When you create Mii characters, the face is the part that conveys characteristics to your friends and admiring fans. In the face window, you can adjust things like skin color, size and the shape of your Mii's face. You may need to fiddle with the face window again after adding facial features to get it right.

From there, you can follow through the series of icons to create all your facial features. The Mii character creation screen gives you separate controls to create the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth, so you can exercise fine detail over facial expressions. You can adjust the shape and size for eyes, nose and mouth using these controls. You can also select eye and hair color, or add glasses and facial hair when you create Wii characters.

One way to get the look right is to think about how the Mii's emotion reflects its personality. If you wanted to create Edward from Twilight, you'd want a dark and brooding look. Harry Potter should look cheerful and confident. The same rules apply to friends and family and even yourself. Look at pictures of people you'd like to turn into Miis and think about the emotions their facial expressions trigger. Capture those feelings in your Mii's design, and you'll create Mii characters that are close to the real thing.

Hair and Accessories Complete the Look
Once you've gotten the face just right, it's time to add hair and accessories. The hair icon enables you to change the hair color and hairstyle for your Mii. The glasses and mustache icon allows you to add glasses of various colors and styles, as well as add facial hair. You can even use these controls to add beauty marks. Accessories really round out your Mii's look, so don't forget to add these important features to give your Mii a true sense of style.

Complete the Profile and Save Your Wii Characters
The profile icon gives you the option of entering information to give your Mii a biography. In the profile, you can specify your Mii's birthday, favorite color and other important data. The favorite color becomes your Mii's shirt color. When you create Mii characters, you also have the option of allowing your Mii to mingle with other Miis in the profile settings. If you turn this feature on, your Mii can visit and hang out with other Miis when you're not using it.

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