Wii Games with Flash

If you're looking for something new to play on your Wii console, but don't want to buy a full featured game or spend Wii points on WiiWare in the Wii shop, Wii games with flash can provide hours of entertainment even for the youngest members of the family.

Connecting your Wii to the Internet

If you haven't already, you'll need to download the free Internet Channel to your Wii console, so you'll need 187 blocks free on your system. The console also has to be connected to the Internet. You can do this by entering the connection settings on the second screen of Wii System Settings found by clicking on the round Wii button on the bottom of the home screen. After that, it's a simple matter of clicking on the Internet Channel button on the home screen. From there you can either use the search function to find Wii flash games, or type in a website address.


The best games on WiiArcade tend to be the puzzles and strategy games. Top of the class here are Curveball, Puyo Puyo fever and 3D Logic. Curveball is a 3D version of Pong, in which the ball travels down a tunnel, bouncing off the walls. In Puyo Puyo fever, you guide a ball along a narrow track avoiding obstacles without falling off as quickly as possible. In 3D Logic, you have to connect pairs of matching colored squares on three sides of a cube without the lines crossing. Sounds simple, but as the cube has more and more squares on each side and the number of colored squares to connect increases, it becomes quite challenging.


Although WiiCade has more war strategy games in its featured games section, some of them, like Onslaught are difficult to play on the Wii unless you have a large screen as the writing is hard to read on anything else. Similarly in Age of War, the graphics representing the options available to the player are indistinct in the Opera Browser, and the game is somewhat basic. Again it's the simpler games that don't try to be anything more complex that provide a more enjoyable experience here.

Ice Slide, for example, has gorgeous cartoon graphics and simple game play. You choose one of three characters, a penguin, a seal or a walrus, and see how far you can catapult them across the ice while avoiding obstacles.


On the Wii section of NovelGames.com, (wii.novelgames.com) Colonization Hex, in which you turn every hexagon on the honeycomb board to the same color in as few moves as possible, is simple but addictive. So, too, is Walls Logic, where you have to connect the pillars to create walls, with the correct number of walls connecting to each pillar.

There are downsides to Wii games made with Flash, though. First, as already mentioned, the size of the background is restricted. In addition, playing those games inside the Opera browser surrounded by other page elements can make the game play area small and clog up the limited memory. As a result, the Wii remote cursor often feels too big for the games, making play awkward, and the browser quickly chokes and stutters on the audio on some games.

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