Solutions to Nintendo Wii Problems

No one wants to run into Wii problems when they're ready to play a game, but sometimes things do happen. If your Wii is acting strangely and you're looking for a quick fix, check out these common Nintendo problems and their solutions:

The Wii won't read some game discs. 
First, try a different disc. If the Wii reads other discs but not the one you're trying to play, it's probably an issue with the disc. Try cleaning the disc, and re-inserting it into the Wii. If it's a brand new disc, there may be a problem with the disc itself; try it in a friend's Wii, or return it to the store for an exchange.

If you've gotten a new disc, or it works in your friend's Wii but not yours, you might have Wii hardware in need of service. Some Nintendo Wii consoles have an issue with reading dual-layer discs, and must go back to Nintendo for repair. If you've tried a disc that works in other machines but not yours, call Nintendo customer support and follow their directions for troubleshooting Wii problems or returning the console.

Note that if you've modded your Wii hardware with a chip or made unauthorized software modifications, this could be the source of your problem. Wii technical support won't be able to help you, because these mods void your warranty. The only solution is to get a new console.

Two discs stuck in the Wii.
Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for people to get multiple discs stuck in a Wii. Sometimes people insert a disc without checking to see if one is already in the console. The Wii won't take a disc if there's already one inside, but it's possible for people to force the disc in if they're not paying attention.

This is also sometimes a common Wii problem for kids; they can't tell whether there's a disc in the Wii, so they force a new one in and wedge it. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to remove multiple discs that get stuck in a device. Once they're wedged, you must disassemble the Wii and remove the discs manually.

There's a power surge and then the Wii won't turn on.
In the event of a power surge, the Wii power adaptor can have various issues. If you have a power surge and then your Wii won't turn on again, try unplugging the Wii from the power adaptor. Unplug the power adaptor from the surge protector, if you're using one. Unplug it from the wall. Then, when you plug everything in again, start by plugging the Wii power adaptor directly into the wall and see if it works. This resets the power adaptor, and you should then be able to plug it back into a surge protector with no problems.

Mouse vanishes and remote won't work with Wii when turned on.
Wii problems with the Wiimote are some of the most frustrating issues, because they seem like they should have easy fixes but sometimes don't. When you have Wiimote issues, first replace your batteries, and then try re-synching your Wiimote. If you don't have a mouse or the hand cursor on the screen, you might have an issue with the sensor bar.

Test this by placing two lighted candles at approximately the same location as the sensor bar; one at each end. Aim the Wiimote at the candles as if they were the sensor bar. If the mouse reappears on your screen, your sensor bar is dead, and you need to buy a new one to replace it.

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