Minecraft FAQ

Minecraft has captured the hearts and souls of many a gamer. Once thought to be a garage game, Minecraft is now a valid member of the online gaming community. Know the Minecraft FAQs you need to be master of the domain.

Who created Minecraft?

Minecraft is the brainchild of a young man and prodigy, Markus Persson. Now in his 30s, he was born with a Commodore home computer in his hands and began to experiment in game programming at the tender age of seven. Persson advanced to work professionally as a game developer and created Minecraft, which was enjoyed for years in beta by a few early adopters and officially launched in November of 2011. To Minecrafters out there, you'll recognize Persson by his nickname "Notch." Notch has moved and Jens Bergensten or "Jeb" has full creative control at this time.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game with creative survival as a goal. This is an open world (or free roam) game where players can move all around the world without limitations. There are many ways to go about achieving various objectives, as well as many add-ons that you can create or share. The free roaming, free wheeling style of Minecraft has attracted users from grade school to post school. There is one major limitation to Minecraft, however-your ability to program or add pre-created programming. There are packs you can obtain and load onto your computer that add to your play. These packs enhance abilities or change worlds and scenery.

What platform or ports support Minecraft?

Minecraft has been computer-based during its creation and development while still in beta testing. As of 2012, Minecraft has also extended its reach to include Xbox 360 and most recently Android and iOS, both pocket editions to be played on the go.

What are the Minecraft basics?

Play is as easy as getting an account, creating a username, and signing on. Minecraft is all about creativity, learning and building and there are seemingly no limits to what those textured cubes can make. Make a house, a fortress or whatever you like. Learn how to create tools with resources and learn smelting, basic alchemy and so much more. You can play Minecraft any way you desire.

What is survival mode vs. creative mode?

When playing in survival mode you are tasked with locating resources. The resources are to aid you in two key functions-maintaining health and finding food. Conversely, creative mode allows a freer form of game play. You have unlimited access to resources. There is no concern about health or food in creative mode. You can also fly in creative mode, a plus.

What is hardcore?

A third mode, hardcore, has the difficulty locked on the hardest setting with re-spawning disabled completely. The player's world must be deleted on death and begun anew. Of course Minecraft classic is still available for free but is not being developed any further.

How successful is Minecraft?

Minecraft From alpha to beta to the real deal, Minecraft is highly successful. The indie game has gone mainstream with over six million copies of the game's first version sold.

How to get help with Minecraft?

There is a huge Minecraft community out there just dying to help and share information. Mojang, the company that owns Minecraft, is also there with support at their support center page. Additionally, you can discover service disruption status or active status at a click of a button.

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