Guide to Fixing Scratched PlayStation CDs

This guide to fixing scratched PlayStation CDs may help. It doesn't work every time, but it's worthwhile to try to repair a scratch before you chalk the disc up as broken. Try these PlayStation scratch remedies on for size in order to save your favorite games from the garbage.

Try cleaning the disc.
First of all, your scratched CD might not be scratched at all. Try cleaning your disc before you undertake any drastic repair methods. Use clean soap and water to clean your disc, and dry it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth before you put it back in your PlayStation. A wet disc can damage your PlayStation, so make sure it's completely dry before you check it. In the case of smudges, dirt or even minor scratching, cleaning the disc can make all the difference.

Use a CD cleaner.
If cleaning the disc doesn't fix the problem, you can try a CD cleaner. CD cleaner is designed to work with CDs that play in regular CD drives, but it works just fine on PlayStation CDs; the CD quality is comparable. You can buy a CD cleaner at most electronics stores.

Follow the directions on the packaging to utilize the CD cleaner, and then check to see whether or not that repaired the disc. Some CD cleaners also include polish designed to buff out scratches and promote scratch repair, so even if it says CD cleaner, it may still help your cause.

Toothpaste: urban legend, or disc savior?
Don't want to splurge on a CD cleaner or the CD cleaner didn't help? Your next option, should you choose to accept it, is toothpaste. No, the myth of toothpaste to help repair scratches isn't an urban legend; it's a fact. Simply apply a little toothpaste directly to the disc surface, and rub it in circles with the grooves in the CD. Use a lint-free cloth to apply the toothpaste.

Once you've worked the toothpaste into the scratch, rinse it thoroughly with water, and then dry it, again with a lint-free cloth. As with cleaning the disc, make sure the disc is completely dry before trying it in your PlayStation, or you can damage your system.

Take your disc to your local game store for repair.
Finally, if none of the other methods work or if you'd rather not undertake self-repair of your favorite PlayStation games, you can always take your disc into your local game store for repair. Your local game store uses these same methods to repair minor scratches, and they charge a modest price; typically under $5, depending on location. If you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself or if you're afraid of making it worse, your local game store can be a lifesaver.

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