Who Invented PlayStation

Do you know who invented PlayStation? Sony's PlayStation has an impressive video game history, and the console's creation is a blend of unlikely circumstances.

Sony and Nintendo: an unlikely partnership.
In 1988, Sony and Nintendo were working together to develop a protocol called the Super Disc. The two companies were working together to develop a CD-ROM based system, but Sony retained the rights to much of the hardware inherent in the system. Nintendo felt that Sony was getting too much from the deal, and Nintendo withdrew from the partnership the day after Sony announced the PlayStation in 1991.

The PlayStation in its original incarnation was a system that played both cartridges and CDs. Nintendo was to collect revenues from cartridge sales, while Sony got revenue from CD sales, and Sony retained rights to much of the integral technology. Two hundred units were made of this original PlayStation, although it never went public.

A Sony engineer steps up to save Sony and write video game history.
After the deal fell apart, Ken Kutaragi, a Sony engineer, headed the research and development team that developed the console that became the PlayStation. Kutaragi headed the development team, but it was the entire team that invented the PlayStation, under the umbrella of Sony Music. Sony Corporation initially resisted the creation of the PlayStation system, but Kutaragi persevered and ultimately created a highly successful venture.

Using a CD-based system drastically benefited the PlayStation.
While Sony Corporation wasn't on board with the idea of getting involved with video game development after Nintendo withdrew from the deal, Kutaragi's belief in a CD-based video game system drastically benefited the PlayStation. As a CD-based system, third-party developers could create games for the system, unlike Nintendo's cartridge-based system. The PlayStation benefited from the broad range of material available, and the system took off wildly, becoming the most popular video game system sold to date.

The PlayStation isn't the product of just one person.
While Ken Kuratagi ultimately led the team that created the PlayStation, the PS itself isn't the product of just one person. The PlayStation would never have been what it became if Nintendo hadn't withdrawn from the deal, or if Sony Corporation hadn't placed Kuratagi under the umbrella of Sony Music. Sony Music resources and approaches helped to make the PlayStation the success story it became--a story with many players and contributors.

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