Review of Handheld Games recently released hand held games. The games sell for just under $20. Half of the hand held games are touch screen games and allow the purchaser to win badges. This review is based on two of the games offering badges, Word Whomp and Jewel Bash. These games can be found at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and many other local stores that sell electronics.

Graphics - The graphics are terrible. It is all black and gray. If you are not in a well lit area, you can't see the screen. The letters for Word Whomp are not in a line like in the game on, but spread about the board. The shapes in Jewel Bash are difficult to distinguish and the screen refresh rate when jewels are removed is quite slow.

Sound - The sound is actually quite loud. You do have the option through the main menu to turn the sound down or off completely.

Touch Screen - The games each come with two stylus pens to use with the game. The touch screen does actually work quite well with the stylus. It does not work well without the stylus. You can not play the game well at all using a finger tip or fingernail. If lost, the Nintendo DS stylus does work well on the Pogo hand held games as you can not buy a replacement stylus.

Game play - There are several games included on each hand held game, however, only the main game earns badges. There are three game award badges that can be earned with each game. Once you earn 1 million tokens on the game, you can transfer those tokens to your account with a code given by the hand held game.

Badges - The badges were not difficult to earn. It took seven games for Word Whomp and nine games for Jewel Bash to earn all three badges for each game. This is not the number of games it will take for each individual playing the game, but instead, the number of games it took to earn all badges during the review of the hand held game. Once badges have been earned on a hand held, you can not reset the game in any way to allow anyone else to also earn the badges.

Overall - The cost of $19.99 for these games is much too expensive. With virtually no graphics, limited functionality, and the fact that these are one time use only on the codes, Iforego these badges and save your money.

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