How to Become a Video Game Tester

Curious about how to become a video game tester? If you love video games and are looking for a fun job, a position as a video game tester might be the perfect option. However, there's more to being a tester than just fun; learn about the position before you jump in with both feet.

Start with open beta testing products.
One of the easiest ways of getting some experience as a game tester is to play games in open beta and do a thorough job of testing and reporting back bugs and issues. This is more for your practice than to help you get a job as a video game tester. You can list it on a resume when you contact video game companies, but testing a game in beta isn't the same as being a video game tester; it's just a starting point.

Plenty of games offer open beta testing, so poke around until you find a game you'd like to test, and do a thorough, complete job of testing it. Don't just play the game. If you're particularly thorough, you may be able to contact the company directly in the future and use it as an in to become a video game tester for the company.

How to Become a Video Game Tester: Review Games, if possible.
If you want to create a resume that highlights why you should become a video game tester, consider writing reviews for video games. You may not be able to write reviews for a major publication, but many small or new magazines are always looking for contributions and may be willing to accept submissions. Write well-thought-out reviews, and highlight gameplay specifics. Show video game companies through your written reviews that you know how a video game works and that you notice the little details.

Contact companies directly and make connections.
Many video game companies have set procedures for becoming a video game tester. If you're serious about becoming a tester, contact a video game company directly, and find out what they require. Use the term "quality assurance" instead of "video game tester," as the testing process is the major component of video game Q/A. Also talk to your gamer friends, and find out whether any of them have done video game testing. You may have to contact many companies before you find one that needs a tester, but don't be discouraged; keep going until you find the opportunity you're seeking.

Beware of scam programs.
Many people are interested in learning how to become a video game tester, and unfortunately some unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of that fact. You'll find many programs on the Web that claim to teach you everything you need to know to become a video game tester for a low price; typically from $40-150. These programs contain a lot of fluff about becoming a video game tester, but no real resources for you to begin your hunt. You still have to do the legwork on your own; these programs won't find and generate the job opportunities for you. Beware of scam programs, and work with companies directly to find game tester jobs.

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