How to Make Video Games

Want to learn how to make video games? Making video games isn't something that only developers can do; you can make your very own video games even without a formal education. While you may never build a video game business from the ground up without a video game education, you can make your own games that friends and colleagues can play.

Start on paper with an idea.
All video games start on paper with an idea. Do you want to make a first-person shooter game? Do you want to create a role-playing game? You need to start with an idea, but you also need to determine how your idea differs from other similar video games. Flesh out your game mechanics, and think about how you're going to execute it. Some of the best ideas in the world are simply too ambitious, and they never make it to the execution phase, so start modestly if you want to learn how to make video games.

Browse existing video games.
Once you've got your idea, browse existing video games to find the games that are closest in nature to the game you propose. Play similar games. What do they do well? What could they do better? Incorporate what you learn into your own video game design, and make sure your game is unique enough to warrant taking it to the next level. If you find out that your game is too similar to one that's already on the market, start with a new idea, or modify yours to the point that it warrants further development.

How to Make Video Games
Once you've got a solid game design fleshed out and you know how you plan to design it, think about how you will develop it. You could go to school to become a computer game developer, and then you could make the video game business your professional career. If you don't want to pursue a formal education in video games, you can use existing game-makers to create your video game using pre-designed tools. Keep in mind that, if you use game design tools or game-makers, you're limited in scope based on what those tools can execute.

Collaborate with other pros.
If you've got a great computer game design idea but you don't have know how to make video games from scratch and computer game design tools just aren't cutting it, you might want to consider collaboration. You may be able to hire a computer game designer to develop your game if you can afford the fees. You may also be able to start a partnership with a game designer and agree to share the profits or otherwise distribute earnings in order to avoid having to spend money up front. If you do collaborate, get agreements in writing, and know your legal rights.

Make contact with a game developer.
Finally, if you can't make the game yourself and collaboration isn't for you, you could consider selling your idea to an existing video game developer. All the major video game companies have contact information available on the Web, so you could contact a game developer and look into selling your idea. Be careful not to give away too much information, though, as you pitch your idea, and consult legal representation to make sure your rights are protected.

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