Who Is Herobrine?

Herobrine is a fictional character associated with the popular computer game known as Minecraft. Players of this game are likely to have seen the name Herobrine while browsing Minecraft web sites and forums, but are unlikely to have actually seen the character. Why? Because Herobrine is not, and has never been a part of the actual game.


Herobrine is a character in a creepypasta story, written by a fan of Minecraft. "Creepypasta" refers to short scary stories, meant to be copied and pasted on Internet bulletin boards or forwarded in emails. The story of Herobrine captured the imagination of many Minecraft fans, who continued to share it with friends until it became a sort of phenomenon in the Minecraft community.

The legend of Herobrine

The story is told in the first person, and begins with the narrator describing how he had just generated a new world in Minecraft and began playing like normal, when he noticed something moving in some fog in the distance.

He approached the object, expecting to see a cow or another animal, but instead came face to face with another player. The player had the default character skin, and looked completely normal, only it had blank white eyes with no pupils.

The narrator was shocked, and double checked that he was in single player mode. He tried to pursue the mysterious character, but it ran off into the fog and couldn't be found again.

As the narrator walked around the Minecraft world, he noticed signs of another player having been there. He kept thinking he saw the other player in the distance, but it would be gone before he could approach it.

He posted a message to the Minecraft forums, asking if anyone had seen anything like this before. The post was quickly deleted, as was a second one he posted. He received a message from a user, with the user name Herobrine. The message simply said: "STOP." When he tried to click on the user's profile, his browser crashed.

The narrator then received a message from another forum user, who he began keeping in touch with through email. This other user claimed to have seen the mystery player as well, and also knew a few other players who had also seen him.

After some research, the players found that the name Herobrine was a handle commonly used by a Swedish gamer. Looking further into the name, the players discovered that it was actually used by Notch's brother - Notch being the developer of Minecraft.

The narrator sent Notch an email, asking if he had a brother. Notch replied that he did, but that he was deceased.

After that email, the narrator never saw Herobrine or noticed any odd changes to the Minecraft world again.

The creepypasta usually has an image attached, which the narrator claims was the result of hitting "Print Screen" when he first saw Herobrine. It depicts a Minecraft screen, with a character visible far off in the distance, through some fog. The character has the default skin and blank white eyes.

If you find yourself disappointed that Herobrine is not a real Minecraft character, then there's no need to fret-various mods are available for Minecraft on PC that can even add Herobrine into the game. Check out the Minecraft Wiki site for more information.

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