How to Backup Xbox 360 Games

Curious about how to backup Xbox 360 games? With the right game backup software, you can backup your games, but make sure you're aware of the potential consequences before you make backups.

Video game pirating is illegal.
Any guide on backing up Xbox 360 games is incomplete without a reminder that pirating video games is illegal. You can be prosecuted for making illegal copies of video games. Make sure you've fully evaluated the consequences before you make a decision to backup Xbox 360 games.

Your Xbox must be modified to play backup games.
Even if you backup your Xbox 360 games, your Xbox must be modified to play backup games. Modifications may come in the form of software modifications, which make changes to your Xbox operating system software, or hardware modifications, which are actual hardware chips that you must install in your Xbox.

Making modifications can void your Xbox warranty and get you banned from Xbox Live, so make sure you're ready to accept the consequences when you modify your Xbox. Without modifications, the Xbox can't play game backups, so learning how to backup Xbox 360 games without modifying the console itself is virtually useless.

Get the right game backup software.
Your run-of-the-mill music burning or video burning software won't work to backup Xbox 360 games, so you'll need actual game backup software. Game backup software allows your computer to recognize the game disc when you put it in your computer drive. Without the software, your computer can't recognize game disc data and won't be able to perform a video game backup.

You've got plenty of titles from which to choose when you're selecting game backup software. Make sure you choose backup software from a legitimate source, as the wrong software can install spyware and malware on your computer. Examine different options and try demo versions, if possible, in order to select the video game backup software that's right for you.

Burn your video game backup.
Once you've got the right game backup software installed, simply insert your video game disc into your computer's drive, and begin the backup process. Open your video game backup software, and follow the prompts to make a backup copy of your video game. You'll need the appropriate disc in order to copy the data, typically a dual-layered DVD. You also need a DVD burner capable of burning dual-layered DVD discs in order to create backup copies.

Test the backed-up video game.
A plethora of things can go wrong when you're burning backup discs, so test your video game backup before you assume it's fully functional. Insert it into your Xbox 360, and make sure it runs before you count the game as successfully backed up. If it doesn't run, you may not have the appropriate modifications installed, or the disc may not have backed up correctly. If you know your Xbox plays backed-up games, assume the disc is bad and try the backup again; otherwise, you may need to follow troubleshooting steps to determine whether the problem is with the backup disc or your Xbox itself.

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