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Someone who advocates personal responsibility is responsible for his own actions, choices and beliefs while avoiding the blame of others.
By Starla Ross
With some proper craft rubber stamp storage ideas, you will ensure that your art supplies are being properly kept and ready for your next crafting adventure.
By Helen Polaski
Most people have fond memories of gathering around the Christmas tree and decorating it, and there's no greater sight for children on Christmas morning than to run to the tree and see the presents underneath it. Because of the importance of this Christmas symbol, it's important to get the right kind of tree.
By Jennifer Maughan
Choosing the right cake out of many ideas for possible winter wedding cakes is a huge decision, as a wedding cake really can tie together the entire look of a couple's special day.
By Vickie Ferguson
If you want a fast-growing vine to cover an unsightly fence or climb your trellis, plant some morning glories. An old-fashioned climber, morning glories thrive almost anywhere and will provide you with beautiful color from summer to heavy frost.
By Kim Willis
This vegetarian recipe features the heartiness of lentils and sweet potatoes, along with a little curry spice.
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