5 Gift Ideas for Your Son’s Baptism


Baptism is a special occasion for any son, no matter their age. With baptism, your son will become a formal member of your church and begin a great journey in faith. This is an event they will look back upon and attach great significance to for the rest of their lives.

When it comes to selecting baptism gifts for boys, it’s a good idea to choose something that has some symbolic meaning. A good baptism gift requires careful thought and might require splurging a bit in order to give something of lasting value. Here are five baptism gifts for boys that have proven to stand the test of time.

Keepsake Box

You can gift your son a well-crafted keepsake box to mark his baptism. This box can be used to contain all the valuable gifts that your son will likely receive on baptism day. Make sure that the keepsake box is of a fine and sturdy design. This way, it can be a part of your son’s journey as he grows up and looks back on his baptism. To take the sentimental value of this gift even further, you can buy a personalized version of the keepsake box. The personalized box might bear your son’s name and an optional message that you compose. For under a hundred dollars, you can create a remarkable gift that your son will love.

A Copy of the Bible

Some boys get their first proper copy of the Bible at their baptism. With a Bible, you give your son a wealth of wisdom and instruction for life. Not only is this gift inexpensive to give, but it has deep symbolic value.


Your young boy will enjoy reading that Bible later on in life and, perhaps, carry it around wherever he goes. There have been accounts of grown men in the military and other demanding careers who have carried with them old Bibles they obtained in similar ways. With the gift of a Bible, you can’t go wrong. In addition, since a copy can be purchased for under $20, you can spend a bit more to get one that is bound in a very nice packaging.

Mom and Dad Love Me Mini Canvas

This is a canvas that younger boys will appreciate since they can read the words. Your son can use the canvas to decorate his room and have something to show off when his friends come to visit. As a baptism gift, it also carries a good amount of symbolic significance since it tells of the importance of love. When your child grows, he will cherish growing up in a home full of love and harmony.


Noah’s Ark Canvas

Young boys particularly like the story of Noah because it carries elements of adventure and excitement. A canvas painting of the story of Noah’s ark is a perfect gift for your son’s baptism. You can purchase these paintings for under $100 at many Christian art dealers or bookstores. The canvas will serve as a reminder to your son of that great story. You can hang the canvas on a wall in his room and it will keep him company for many years to come.


Personalized Story Book

A personalized book can serve as an effective baptism gift for your son. You can select the wording, colors, and images that go in the book. For example, the book can utilize some photos of your son, as well as the whole family. You can even take some photos on baptism day and forward them to the book printer. You can then pick up the book a few days or a week later and present it to your son. This way, the book can retell the story of your son’s baptism and capture the event for a whole lifetime to come.