Edible Thanksgiving Crafts


While children may enjoy doing crafts, being able to eat your masterpiece once you have finished it makes it that much more fun. There is plenty of food to go around on Thanksgiving, but there is always space for dessert, especially when you are creating it yourself. This is a great way for kids to play with their food and be creative at the same time. Here are four fun recipes to try with kids next Thanksgiving.

Pilgrim Hats

Pilgrim hats are a fun craft that adults and children will both appreciate. Purchase fudge striped cookies, or any cookies that have a chocolate bottom, flip the cookie over so the chocolate side is facing up. Then place a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup topside down right over the center of the cookie. Mix together vanilla frosting with a bit of yellow food coloring and place it in a frosting pipe. Draw a circle around the peanut butter cup which will make it look like a band around the hat. Add an orange chiclet in the front as a buckle and a finishing touch.

Banana Gobble Pancakes

Why not start Thanksgiving-themed food right away in the morning? Make a Gobble Pancake by using a circular pancake as the body, two and a half bananas sliced in half lengthways as the feathers coming out the top, and a smaller turkey shaped face pancake layered on top of the main pancake. For eyes, add in a few blueberries and a peanut for the nose. This makes for a delicious and fun-to-eat breakfast.

Candy Cornucopia

Sugar cones can be fun to use for any holiday treat, but especially Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect shape to resemble the horn-shaped cornucopia that is seen filled with vegetables. But this time the vegetables will be replaced with something a little sweeter. Simply boil up a pot of hot water in the tea kettle, stick the pointy end of the cone into the spout for a minute or until soft. Then gently bend it to your desired shape. Warm and soften one side of the cone and flatten it so it will lay nicely on a table. Dip the top of the cone into melted chocolate and add some sprinkles if desired. Put them in the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened and then stuff them with candy corn, candy pumpkins, jelly beans and whatever other sweet treats you desire.

Teepee cupcakes

Sugar cones also make for delicious edible teepees. To prepare, have a disposable aluminum baking pan ready with holes that are roughly a half” to stick the cones into. Make a batter of cake mix and fill each cone two thirds with the mix. Then place it in the oven but make sure to keep a close eye on it as they have the tendency to fall over. While this is warming, melt chocolate chips in a bowl. Once they are done, quickly cut off a little part of the bottom of the cone while it’s still warm. This will act as the top of the teepee. Cut away the “bottom” of the teepee so it will sit flat. Add in three pretzel rods from the top. Dip the bottom of the teepee into the chocolate to help seal the cake and roll it in green sprinkles to represent the grass. Place the remaining chocolate into a pipe and fill in the gaps around the pretzel. This will help the pretzels stay in place. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also make chocolate muffins and place the teepee on top of this to add another dimension.