Non-Traditional Occasions We Should Celebrate More

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It’s important to celebrate more than just weddings and birthdays. Many of our accomplishments deserve applause and even a bash. Some people might find celebrating divorces and health recoveries strange, but it’s a great way to move forward into a happy future.

Let’s recognize our achievements and invite all our loved ones to join us in celebration. Here are the non-traditional occasions we should celebrate more often and fun ideas on how to honor them.


Divorce and breakup parties are on the rise. Some people think these parties are awkward, but others find them to be a great way to heal and move forward.

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Some exes end their unions by inviting their friends and families for a night filled with great company, food, drinks, laughs, encouragement and love. Others celebrate together privately, sharing happy memories of their relationship, wishing the best for each other and walking away with healthy closure.

Breakups can be extremely painful, confusing and sad. But have you ever been sort of happy after a breakup or divorce? If you’d rather say goodbye to the relationship without your ex, that’s a great way to celebrate too. Invite your loved ones to party and bless you with support, appreciation and hope.

On Scary Mommy, Katie Bingham-Smith writes, “Divorce parties are a thing, and women are signing their papers, then turning around and booking caterers, DJs, and celebrating the fact they are about to start the second chapter in their lives.”

Work Anniversaries

Many people celebrate new beginnings, but how often do people celebrate “keep goings?” Honoring work anniversaries shows love and support for those who push continuously to get projects done and keep business moving. They grind away and persist through the long days, many coffees, difficult coworkers or customers, shifting priorities and tough times.

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Let’s congratulate the people who are still in the biz and honor all their contributions. For work anniversaries, some companies let their employees work from home for a day, give them a day off, treat them to a meal or throw a party.

Friendship Anniversaries

Friendships don’t always last. Real friends are also hard to find. But if you have a loyal best friend, it’s worth celebrating your many years of friendship. Anniversaries aren’t just for romantic couples anymore. It’s an achievement to have a friend who’s been there with you through thick and thin for so long.

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Toast to the wonderful times you shared and the great moments you anticipate in the future. Your friendship anniversary could look like a day dedicated to getting pampered, making a photo album and learning something new. Another idea is to go on vacation together. Whatever type of celebration you choose, be sure that it’s special and heartfelt.

A Health Triumph or Recovery

Rebuilding your health or taking steps to live better are causes for celebration. Moments of triumph can be big or small. This victory could be a person in long-term care returning home or a person overcoming a mental illness. It could also involve a person recovering from an addiction or a successful surgery.

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This type of accomplishment is all the more reason to throw a party. One way people honor their health triumphs is through self-reflection. Some people celebrate with food, games, portraits and family activities.

A Raise

Landing a new job is a big achievement, but getting a raise or becoming salaried is also important and worthy of recognition. Telling the entire office isn’t the best idea, but your friends or coworkers who always support your success will be happy to hear the good news.

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What are some ways to honor this accomplishment? Give yourself a deserving pat on the back, plan a celebratory dinner or go on a staycation. You can also contribute to your retirement funds and pay off debt. Cheers to that raise!