Spooky Halloween Games for Kids of All Ages


If you’re planning a Halloween party, you’ll want to entertain your guests with some appropriately themed games that are kid and adult-friendly. There are some traditional games like bobbing for apples and smashing a piñata that can easily be themed for the event, as well as some classics like bowling and scavenger hunting that will make for a ‘spooktacular’ time for you and your guests. Both indoor and outdoor games are needed for this type of party because of the time of year it takes place so why not make sure you have some scary online games as a backup too?

Scary Outdoors Games

Halloween can be a scary time for children but playing games with them is a great way of directing that nervous energy into something constructive and fun. Why not start with a spooky piñata, perhaps shaped as a coffin or a jack-o-lantern, and then organize them into teams and send them to play the pumpkin patch stomp. Inflate and fill orange balloons with treats or messy goo and then send the children to stomp on them. They’ll either be treated to a sweet or tricked into smashing a balloon full of mess all over their feet.

Spooky Fun Indoors

Back in the house, you could have a game of pin the spider on the web set up for the littlest children to play. They’ll enjoy wearing a blindfold and trying to win a prize for getting the spider closest to the web. If the kids are scared of spiders, you could set up a game of pin the nose on the witch. A pumpkin patch memory game with paper plates designed with various different pumpkin faces would entertain the pre-school kids too. This game gets them to sit down and concentrate so it’s a good one when you need the children to calm down, perhaps before offering them food.

Spooky Online Games

The older kids at a party normally appreciate a video game to play and there are so many free Halloween themed games online so you’re spoilt for choice. Check them out and find the ones that are appropriate for the crowd arriving at your door for Halloween. Once you’ve picked some that look ideal, make sure you play the games yourself so you can work out which age group they’re appropriate for. Don’t necessarily trust the age ranges advertised on the site. You’re the best judge of what’s appropriate for your kids and their friends.


As well as games, why not offer the children crafts to play? There’s nothing better at Halloween than slime, which you can buy or make yourself. If you’re making it yourself, you get to personalize it a little for your children and maximize the scary theme. You might want to make a green gooey slime, an orange pumpkin mess, or a red vampire slime complete with plastic fangs left over from a Dracula costume. What about making a white slime and then filling it with plastic spiders and bats as that would make a great sensory game for little ones?

Other Craft Ideas

Before the party begins, you can get your kids involved with crafts by asking for their help to create the decorations needed for the party. Skeletons made from Pretzels are a favorite for most kids to make and broomsticks made from licorice are another. Paper princess crowns are always popular and easy to make ahead of the big night. When the party begins, why not set out a table with glue, paper, sticks, fluff balls and pipe cleaners so the kids can make their own fluffy, colorful spiders, witches, vampires or mummies.