7 Flowers for Stunning Ground Cover

CC0/Lee_seonghak /Pixabay

A problem that many homeowners with large yards to take care of have encountered is what to do with all the space. Sure, you could just plant a lawn and mow it to keep it looking good, but sometimes you want something a bit more scenic than just green grass. On the other hand, you do not want to have the trouble and intensity of work that comes with most gardening.

This is the happy middle ground where ground cover flowers such as labrador violets and thyme come in. They not only provide a beautiful facelift, but can be used to cover a large area with minimal maintenance effort.

Labrador Violets

Labrador violets make suitable ground cover due to their long blooming nature and their unmistakable colors. With a deep blue hue that imparts a happy backdrop wherever they are planted, these flowers stand out. In your backyard, you can plant them along pathways, in the middle of a garden, or in clusters. Other decoration ideas that go well with labrador violets include pairings with other flowers, behind white gated enclosures, or as a replacement for your lawn. They attract equally colorful butterflies that like to play around the blooms.

Moss Rose

The moss rose makes an impressive ground cover around your yard due to its colorful flowers. The red, white, and yellow blooms are stunning to look at. What makes this an especially effective ground cover is the flowers' hardiness. In warm climates, the flower is perennial. It does well even where the soil is dry. All you have to do is plant the flowers around your backyard, water them for a few weeks, and watch them flourish.

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed is so named because butterflies like to congregate around this perennial flower and feast on the nectar. Butterfly weed looks pretty in bloom, with bright yellow and orange flowers. As suggested by its name, it is a tough flower, able to grow well in a range of low moisture and desert-like conditions. You can plant these flowers to decorate rocky spaces where other flowers do not do as well.


Thyme not only looks good in the garden, but adds a wonderful fragrance due to the flowers' nice smell. The flowers, when in bloom, cast a beautiful white and pink glow around your garden. You can rely on them to make spaces in the garden where you can entertain guests prettier. Thyme is easy to care for, requiring mainly just plenty of sunlight and a minimal amount of water to grow.

Alba Lamb’s Ear

With tall green stalks and white flowers, Alba lamb's ear makes a resilient ground cover. It lasts almost as good as a plain grass lawn. It can survive conditions ranging from warm summer to cool frosty winter conditions. If you live in an area that snows, however, the plant dies off in winter then resprings on its own when spring rolls around. Once it grows back, it makes a pretty covering that can spread around a large area of your garden with little ongoing effort from you.

Brass Buttons

If you have pets such as dogs that love to play around the backyard, you will need an extra tough ground cover flower. Brass buttons fit the bill well. These flowers resemble a hardened shrub with green texture. The green blades are tough but pliable like the frayed edges of a brush. Pets and humans can walk on them or play on them with little lasting damage to the plants themselves. They need minimal work to take care of, such as occasionally weeding or clearing out their space so they can grow well. Brass buttons do well even in locales that are fairly dry.