Exploring the Selection Process for Kentucky Derby Entries

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world, attracting top-class thoroughbreds from around the globe. Every year, thousands of horses are nominated for a chance to compete in this historic race. However, only a select few are chosen as official Kentucky Derby entries. In this article, we will delve into the intricate selection process that determines which horses make it to the starting gate on that fateful first Saturday in May.

Nominations and Eligibility Requirements

The road to becoming a Kentucky Derby entry begins with the nomination process. Horse owners and trainers have the opportunity to nominate their horses for a fee during a specific nomination period, typically held in January or February. These nominations serve as an initial expression of interest and help determine the pool of potential contenders.

To be eligible for nomination, horses must meet certain criteria. They must be three years old and must not have won more than $100,000 in non-restricted stakes races prior to November of their two-year-old season. This ensures that only young horses with limited experience can participate in the race.

The Road to the Kentucky Derby

Once nominated, horses embark on what is known as “The Road to the Kentucky Derby.” This series of prep races offers valuable points that determine a horse’s eligibility for entry into the main event. The top twenty-point earners from these races earn a spot in the starting gate on race day.

The Road to the Kentucky Derby consists of approximately thirty designated races held across North America and even some international locations. These races vary in distance, track surface, and competition level but all share one common goal – to provide horses with an opportunity to earn points towards their Kentucky Derby aspirations.

Points System and Final Qualification

Each race on The Road awards points to its top finishers according to a predetermined scale. The higher-profile races offer more points, incentivizing trainers and owners to target those events. As the Kentucky Derby draws near, the competition becomes fiercer, with horses vying for valuable points to secure their place in the starting lineup.

The points accumulated by each horse are tallied throughout The Road season. By late April, the top twenty-point earners are determined, and they become the official Kentucky Derby entries. In case of a tie in points, additional criteria such as earnings in non-restricted stakes races are used to break the deadlock.


The selection process for Kentucky Derby entries is a meticulously designed system that ensures only the most deserving horses make it to the starting gate on race day. From nominations and eligibility requirements to The Road to the Kentucky Derby and final qualification based on points earned, every step is carefully considered to maintain the race’s integrity and showcase the best talent in thoroughbred racing. As fans eagerly anticipate this iconic event each year, they can now appreciate the journey that these remarkable horses undertake to earn their place in racing history.

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