5 Travel Trailers Featured in Adventure Movies


You are not the only one who loves a travel trailer or RV. Hollywood does too, and the movies prove it. There are scores of movies that have used travel trailers to portray their heroes' adventurous lives.

This selection of trailers from movies showcases some trailers that have been used in movies ranging from light comedy to action packed blockbusters. With a trailer, you never know where it's going to get unless you know who owns it. Chances are, if you are looking for your next travel adventure, the stories of these trailers will inspire you to plan your own unique journey.


This movie from 2006 features a Forest River Georgetown 359TS travel trailer that becomes more than just a travel vehicle. Bob Munro, the central character of the movie, sets out on a road trip to Colorado where they encounter a rowdy group of campers. In the movie, the RV assumes an importance rivaling that of human characters, hence the title of the movie. The fate of the RV is largely a mirror of that of Bob Munro himself. For example, when the RV gets stuck on top of a mountain, it mirrors what happens next to Munro, which is his firing from his job shortly afterward. However, like Munro, the dogged RV ends up on top at the end of the movie.


The everyday hero of this end of the world movie happens to be an avid trailer driver. The starring role of chauffeur Jackson Curtis in this 2009 movie is played by actor John Cusack. Curtis works for a wealthy billionaire who happens to be Russian. In order to escape from the humdrum of daily life, Curtis takes his children on a trailer and they go camping. In Yellowstone Park, they discover that the Army has just evacuated the area and that something terrible is about to happen. The hero's use of a trailer for his camping adventures paints him as a guy with tastes relatable to those of ordinary folk. Like many a trailer, however, he has some very special responsibilities waiting for him since his family depends on him to get them home safely.

We’re the Millers

This 2013 comedy movie features a trailer that just happens to be used by a team of neighbors pretending to be a regular family known as the Millers. The trailer is carrying a very special load, however, because the leader of the group is a small-time drug dealer who owes a big sum of money to a drug lord. In order to save his life, he must deliver a heavy load consisting of two tons of marijuana to the drug lord. As it happens, carrying a heavier than usual load for a road trip, the trailer breaks down and the Millers get help from the Fitzgeralds, another family on the road. Don Fitzgerald, however, turns out to be a DEA agent, who then helps untangle the mystery of the Millers. The Millers finally cooperate with the DEA to bring the drug lord under arrest and take themselves out of harms way.

Independence Day

In this movie, a trailer just happens to be the main home of the main character, played by Will Smith. Given the harsh backdrop of this movie, with aliens on the verge of taking over the planet, the trailer showcases the rugged life of the main characters. If you loved watching the movie, you can easily recreate the adventurous life with a trailer road trip of your own. Running into aliens, however, is not a guaranteed part of owning a trailer.

The Long, Long Trailer

This romantic comedy from 1954 features a trailer that becomes the getaway vehicle of a couple of newlyweds. The trailer in the movie was specially made in Alma, Michigan. In the story, the main character Nicholas Collini and his wife buy a trailer so they can save money on the cost of buying a home. The couple must tow the trailer to Nicholas' new workplace in Colorado. They then find themselves getting into a series of adventures as they run into problems along the way.

Buying a Trailer of Your Own

If the movies have inspired you to live the trailer life yourself, you can likely find one for sale around your city or town. The average trailer costs around $11,000 to $35,000 for a single-wide trailer. Double-wide trailers will cost more.