Servers Tweet the Dumbest Things Customers Have Done

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If you work in the food industry, you’re probably familiar with the long shifts, tired feet, rushed atmosphere and the occasional rude, unpleasant or downright unthinking customer. If it’s any consolation, servers everywhere experience the same downsides of the job. Whether they’re arguing that a dish is made incorrectly, misunderstanding the menu or just being destructive or entitled, some customers irk their servers so much that the servers take to Twitter to vent their frustration.

A Sub-par Customer

Most servers would probably let it slide if a customer asked them to remake something, especially if it was something straightforward like a sub. However, it doesn’t sound like this sub was very standard (a “nasty footlong” — what did the guy want in it?). What’s more, the customer asked for it to be re-made not once, not twice but three times.

Photo Courtesy: @jojoachew/Twitter

Why? Because it was cut into quarters, which would not fill him up — apparently. Maybe addition and subtraction weren’t his strongest subjects in school.

That’s Nacho Job

This poor theater employee bore the ineptitude of a rude customer who was dumb enough to make an unnecessary mess and then seemingly gloat about it. All in a day’s work, right?

Photo Courtesy: @WhiteBoySky/Twitter

Sure, the employee worked at the theater on the cleaning crew, but most people who catch a movie are polite enough to take their trash out with them to the nearest trash can when the show is over. This rude moviegoer not only spilled one of the messiest things available, but he didn’t even bother to apologize for it. Hopefully it was near the end of the worker’s shift.

Dirty Work

We thought we’d lead you in gently with the “dumb customer makes a mess on the floor” stories, because this next tweet is certainly worse than someone dumping cheesy nachos. This customer left an actual dump. He even went into the bathroom, where there were perfectly good toilets, and instead used the floor.

Photo Courtesy: @Robert_21_/Twitter

And who had to clean it up? The server. Was cleaning up this type of mess even in his job description? And did the worker get flashbacks whenever he had to prepare soft-serve chocolate yogurt?

When Is a Cheeseburger Not a Cheeseburger?

For something as simple as a hamburger order, this pair of customers really seemed to want to make things complicated. Not one, but two people decided to argue with this well-meaning server when they wanted a “cheeseburger with no cheese.” So exactly like a normal hamburger? No. Like a cheeseburger, without the cheese. But priced like a cheeseburger.

Photo Courtesy: @princessmulan7/Twitter

We agree with the perfect use of the “shrug shoulders” emoji. There’s not much else you can do when you get a customer like this. Well done for keeping your cool, @princessmulan7. There’s no point in debating some people.

Lettuce Pray

Either this customer wasn’t quite sure how the fast food industry, or even cooking in general, works, or she just simply wanted to be difficult for the sake of it. It could be an unfortunate combination of both.

Photo Courtesy: @melanyyfletes/Twitter

Surely she knew that if she wanted extra lettuce on the already-cooked burger, then the chef could pop open the bun and slide some lettuce in. Or is it that she wanted the lettuce cooked in a whole new burger? We’ll never truly know, and neither will this puzzled server. We just hope that the perfectly cooked original burger somehow didn’t go to waste.

That’s a Wrap

It seems that people sure like their lettuce portions to be generous. But unlike the lettuce story above, this one has an added sprinkle of passive aggression. As with the story before, the customer demanded that the food was remade, and the server decided to honor the request for more lettuce by adding half a bag to the wrap.

Photo Courtesy: @Cristyjordon/Twitter

Well, what the customer wants, the customer gets, right? We’re guessing the wrap may have been a little overstuffed to put back together neatly — but the server probably thought it was worth the petty revenge.

Getting All Milk-Shook Up

This tweet makes the list for the sheer idiocy and violence the server experienced. Now don’t get us wrong; we all like a milkshake. They’re creamy, delicious and, from the right place, well worth paying $3.75 for.

Photo Courtesy: @mvlissa/Twitter

So, when this server declined the sale of one of the restaurant’s milkshakes for two dollars, they probably weren’t expecting to be threatened with a knife attack. We don’t know the outcome of this story, but the server clearly lived to tweet the tale, and hopefully they avoided any further milkshake-related threats in the future.

The Mystery of the Cooling Food

This is just basic science, people. If you order hot food, it needs to be cooked or heated up. Now, keep in mind it doesn’t stay that way — the technology of self-heating, perpetually warm food has yet to be invented — but that appears to be what this group of customers wanted.

Photo Courtesy: @supertg11/Twitter

Surely among them there must have been one person who understood that the hot food wouldn’t simply stay hot forever. Or perhaps someone had the thought they could’ve politely asked for some of the food to be reheated. Nope. This food needed immediate remaking. No wonder the poor server didn’t know how to respond.

The Clue Is in the Name

This is another case of a customer not understanding basic food descriptions. Just as a cheeseburger with no cheese is a hamburger, a Crazy Spicy Skillet is, of course, spicy. Nevertheless, this customer, who clearly isn’t a fan of spicy things, ordered it. And let us just clarify: the meal isn’t just spicy, it’s supposedly crazy spicy.

Photo Courtesy: @jacquepineda_/Twitter

We’d love to know how this interaction ended. Did she order another Crazy Spicy Skillet hoping it was less spicy? Or did she try her luck with something else off the menu? Let’s hope she wasn’t surprised if the Wild Salmon Skillet tasted salmony…

Upsetting the Balance

Another lesson in physics: when objects are deliberately placed on a tray to stay perfectly balanced, moving one of these objects will more likely than not cause the tray to tip. The result? A massive spill.

Photo Courtesy: @kc_caven/Twitter

Whether this customer thought he was being helpful by grabbing his drink, or he was simply impatient, the poor server was left to clean up the mess after the drinks went all over the floor. And to add to the insult, the entitled customer took his shoe off and demanded that the server clean that up too. Who does that?

Don’t Get Crabby

Eating seafood that you suspect is rotten is definitely not a smart thing to do. But flagging down the server, asking for a discount on the food and proceeding to eat the whole thing before trying to leave without paying at all gets bonus points.

Photo Courtesy: @miyosenpai/Twitter

The customer was clearly trying to claw herself a bargain. Why not accept the discount and ask for a new, fresh crab? Perhaps she thought she’d take the risk with food poisoning and press charges. It’s no wonder some servers feel crabby after a shift.

A Fast Food Frenzy

This whole situation is puzzling. Why waste a perfectly good milkshake by intentionally dropping it on the floor? And why throw down the rest of the food? And why trash the table and chairs, showing no regard for the employees who had to clean it all? Clearly these kids never learned manners.

Photo Courtesy: @ghetto004/Twitter

This server was quietly doing their job, sweeping up their place of work, when these customers decided to dump the food they’d bought all over the clean floor. To add insult to injury, the kids decided to upend the furniture. Makes you appreciate what servers go through a little more, doesn’t it?

Bring on the Biscuits

This server clearly explained to the customer that there was a wait on the biscuits and offered her a cookie instead. The customer accepted the offer of the cookie, walked away with her food, and took a seat. It appeared that all was well.

Photo Courtesy: @drrgsncxndy/Twitter

Not so fast. Apparently the customer suffered amnesia between the counter and her seat and stormed back, demanding the forgotten biscuit. Did she even listen to the server? Most people would be perfectly happy with a cookie, especially if they’d agreed to getting it. Not this absentminded customer. Her cookie-induced crisis inspired the baffled server to tweet about a dumb customer experience.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Newsflash: Hot things are hot. Crazy-hot things are, well, really hot — as in “don’t touch these hot things because they’ll most definitely hurt you” hot. Unfortunately, however much this message is politely repeated to customers, there are some people who think their hands must be made of Teflon.

Photo Courtesy: @alisonumbarger/Twitter

For this customer, that was not the case. They thought they knew better. The plate was dropped, the hand was burned and the customer was surprised. The poor server was then left to deal with the ruined order and the complaining customer.

The Pepperoni Promise

This one is kind of sweet — and it’s silly but not malicious. The customer wants pepperoni on half of the pizza. That’s for sure. Then, on the other half, they also want pepperoni with cheese. So does this mean they don’t want cheese on the other half — just pure pepperoni and sauce? Or does it mean that they want extra cheese on the other half of the pizza?

Photo Courtesy: @MichaelBozikz/Twitter

Whatever the case, we hope that this customer did indeed get their pepperoni-packed pizza, even if the order request was a little bit confusing for the server.

The Perfectionist Patron

This tweet creates some mixed feelings. There’s something to be said for a sandwich with bread that’s so uneven it gets soggy or becomes impossible to eat. But it sounds like this customer was just being difficult. A sandwich is a sandwich. It’ll still taste the same, even if the top and bottom sections aren’t sliced to the exact same thickness.

Photo Courtesy: @jenxdun/Twitter

This defiant customer made the server remake her sub and cut it “correctly.” What is she going to do once she bites into it and messes up the lines anyway? Let food be food, and keep the perfection for other things.

A Spicy Attitude

We like this server’s spicy bit of sass. Sure, it’s not entirely professional to take a bit of attitude when speaking with a customer, but the server makes a good point, to be fair. Spicy wings are, of course, spicy (see #9 on this list), so it’s pretty fair to call them that.

Photo Courtesy: @incogNietBRO/Twitter

The best thing about this tweet is the perfect trolling. When the customer asked to speak to someone else, the server just changed his tone and the customer was happy. At least there was a good outcome all around: satisfied customer and smug server.

The Beer Blunder

This server works at a liquor store, but his Twitter tale of a dumb customer definitely still counts. Firstly, who puts a precious 12-pack down behind the wheel of a car, and then forgets about it? Surely the whole reason for going to the liquor store is to get drinks, so it’s pretty ridiculous to forget about the goods that you came to the store to buy.

Photo Courtesy: @76ripper/Twitter

What’s more, to then drive off and run over the beer really takes the biscuit (or cookie — see #13 on the list). What’s even stupider is asking the server for a replacement. No way!

Dairy Drama

This server seems understandably concerned that her customer has an allergy. It’s vital that any allergies are noted and passed on to the kitchen staff so that the customer’s food doesn’t get contaminated by particular allergens that could make the visitor ill.

Photo Courtesy: @___teraa97/Twitter

But hang on a minute… Coconut milk is definitely not dairy. So the attentive server was stressed for no reason — and the customer should probably head home and brush up on her apparent allergy before visiting a restaurant again.

A Chicken Conspiracy

This budding scientist was so suspicious about the vegan wings that were served to her that she sent the order back, stating that she was certain she was being served meat. That’s frustrating for a server, sure, but at least there’s some entertainment value in the fact that she wanted to analyze the wings “for science.”

Photo Courtesy: @chasegrebb/Twitter

Vegan and vegetarian food companies and restaurants have worked hard to make meat replacements look and often taste as much like the real thing as possible, so this is a win for them at least. For the perplexed server, and possibly science, the result was a negative.

Slow Food

There’s seriously no pleasing some people — especially restaurant customers, as this list demonstrates. Now we understand why some people might complain if their food didn’t arrive fast enough. However, this lady complained that her food arrived too quickly. She actually made the decision to send the food back, forcing the kitchen to remake a perfectly good dish 15 minutes later.

Photo Courtesy: @jakelon8/Twitter

Although it’s unclear what kind of preparation, mental or otherwise, the customer had to do, she should probably reconsider how wasteful this behavior was. Why not order a starter or a bread basket to ease into things before ordering a meal?

Cold Pizza Conundrum

This is another case of dear customers not listening properly. You may know that Papa Murphy’s pizzas are made in-store, but the employees don’t bake the pizzas. Customers do that at home, ensuring a perfectly baked, piping-hot pizza every time.

Photo Courtesy: @EagleEye1906/Twitter

Papa Murphy’s employees, such as this server, are conscious to tell their customers this fact, but whether the hungry visitors are too tired or too busy to listen, this message doesn’t seem to get across. The result? Exasperated servers and broken dinner dreams for the inattentive customers.

Customers Taking Charge

Is this bartender a little harsh? Perhaps by trying to take control and direct the bartender whom to serve first, the customer is presuming the bartender’s the one who’s dumb. But this bartender got so upset at being told whom to serve next that she took to Twitter to vent her frustration.

Photo Courtesy: @bartendericka/Twitter

We could understand why this might be annoying if the customer was pointing to a person nowhere near the bar. Even so, the moral of this tweet-story is to let the bartender do their job and serve the person they plan to serve next.

Diet Pepsi Disagreement

If you’ve ever had Diet Pepsi, you know it can be pretty sweet. But that’s kind of the point, right? The server poured the drink for the customer herself, so she knew it was diet, but the customer was certain that it was regular Pepsi because it was too sweet.

Photo Courtesy: @ElenaWhiteley/Twitter

Despite coming from the exact same source, the replacement drink that the server prepared and brought over was absolutely fine. “I don’t understand,” tweets a perplexed @ElenaWhiteley. We’re with you there!

Random Refund Request

Everyone loves a dollar menu. Tasty food for a buck? Who can resist? It’s no wonder some people can get a little over-excited and order more menu items than they can actually eat.

Photo Courtesy: @_priskillah_/Twitter

That being said, it seems like it’s usually well understood that, just because you order all that stuff, you can’t still get a refund on your dollar just because some of it goes uneaten. It’s not like a regular store where they can put the item back on the shelf and sell it to someone else. Why not wrap the food up to go and enjoy the leftovers later?

Can You Read My Mind?

Servers need to have good people skills to handle their jobs. And they need good stamina with the ability to remember orders and faces and think on their feet. Servers have to remain polite and calm — that’s a lot to handle. However, telepathy is unfortunately not a skill that’s available to servers yet.

Photo Courtesy: @princessmulan7/Twitter

When customers request drinks and pause without stating what actual drinks they want, it makes for a confusing silence. Would those be hot drinks? Drinks with ice? Carbonated beverages or still? Diet or regular? Big or small cups? Details are important!

The Quesadilla Question

Again, customers seem a little confused about cheese details. In the USA, it’s widely understood that this specific dish is deliciously cheesy. Without the cheese, a quesadilla would be…just a tortilla?

Photo Courtesy: @Shay61711/Twitter

This server seems to get requests for quesadillas without cheese fairly often by the sounds of this tweet. So, should the server ask if they want a tortilla instead? If the customer has already displayed their lack of knowledge, maybe it’s best to not say anything. Just nod and ask the kitchen to prepare a cheeseless quesadilla.

Beans, Not Barbecue

Imagine the coffee shops in your area. It’s usually obvious what their specialty is, right? If it’s not, then a peek in the window or a quick scan of the menu usually tells you what you need to know.

Photo Courtesy: @sublime_grey/Twitter

If you have a hankering for barbecue specifically, you’d probably do a quick internet search or drive down the street looking out for places that look like barbecue joints. The customers in this instance don’t seem to have done that. However, we do hope they were sent on their way a little more politely than the tweet states!

Not So Sweetie

It’s hard to feel anything but anger towards a customer who’s this rude. It isn’t the server’s fault that the hash browns weren’t evenly sized among the meals. And by the sound of things, there was only a teeny-tiny difference anyway. What are the kitchen staff to do? Get a ruler out and measure the hash browns?

Photo Courtesy: @eelizabethannee/Twitter

The real kick to this tweet is the sheer attitude. The server is already going to get the manager, but the customer isn’t done with this “sweetie.” The fact that the server kept her cool is pretty impressive.

Take a Look at the Sign

Let’s end this list on a high point. This tweet sort of has it all. First, the server is asked whether they serve wings at Wingstop. This would be a fair question if the place was called Potatostop, but it’s Wingstop. They do indeed sell wings — in all kinds of flavors.

Photo Courtesy: @bdlsc_/Twitter

Second, the plural “customers” makes it clear that the server gets this question on the regular. Thankfully, the server has tweeted that this is “one of [her] favorite things” about her job, so even though it’s a dumb question, at least she’s left with a smile on her face.