Private Eyes Share the Top Signs of a Cheating Spouse


If you’ve wondered whether your spouse is cheating on you, you’re familiar with the feelings of lingering doubt and fear that the situation creates. Spouses cheat for a variety of reasons, whether they feel bored, neglected, or simply frustrated. Fortunately, you can take the advice of countless private eyes who have been tasked with investigating cheating spouses. We collected their advice from multiple interviews and case studies. Based on these sources, you can now consult the following list of tell-tale signs that, in many cases, have led investigators to uncover a cheating spouse.

A Sudden Increase or Change in Texting Habits

According to private investigators, you might be able to tell your spouse is cheating if there is a sudden, unexplained change in their phone texting habits. Mobile phones are now the primary form of remote communication for most people. When a spouse decides to cheat, chances are, they are going to use this reliable and highly personal means of communication with their side partner. If you notice a huge increase in the amount of time your spouse spends texting on the phone, it could be time to start paying attention as their priorities might have shifted.

Your Spouse Spends More Time at Work or With Work Colleagues

Cheating spouses often use longer work hours to disguise excursions with their side partners. Multiple private eyes recount how the cheating spouse would often report the need to work extra hours when they were, in fact, meeting their new partner outside the home. This category of sign can be particularly hard to prove if your spouse works far away from home. It would be quite abrupt for you to show up at their workplace after hours to try and lay your doubts to rest. With the help of a private investigator, however, you might be able to obtain photographic evidence one way or the other.

New, Unexplained Expenses

If your spouse hides financial spending from you, this could be a sign that they are cheating. If an affair goes on long enough, the cheating parties may begin to spend large amounts of money on elaborate dates. Inevitably, they have to hide the real use of the funds diverted to the budding new romance. If you have been accustomed to openness with regards to spending, be extra wary if your partner starts withholding information about their spending. Chances are, they could be spending that extra money on someone else.

A Change in Your Spouse’s Grooming Habits

Sometimes, partners who have been cheated on have been helped to uncover the secret due to a change in the grooming habits of the cheating partner. Private investigators report that cheating partners may upgrade their wardrobe or dressing habits to please the new partner. If you notice your partner spending on fancy new clothes when they have traditionally been content with a less shiny look, they could be cheating. It could also be that your partner just needs a different look, but you should probably double-check to be sure.

Frequent Business Trips or Events Away from Home

If your spouse is suddenly experiencing a frequent need to take business trips, this could be a convenient cover for an affair. According to expert investigators, partners who can’t excuse their absence from home by other means often use the alibi of business trips to cover their tracks. What is billed as a business trip could be anything from a romantic getaway with their new lover to an excuse not to be at home so they can travel to see their lover.

How to Get Professional Help

As you can see, there are multiple tell-tale signs that could indicate your spouse is cheating. Beyond your gut feeling, however, it’s hard for the untrained person to come to ascertain the truth. In this case, you will want to maybe call in a private investigator. A trained, registered, private eye can give you advice on what your recourse is under the law to ascertain your spouse’s behavior. If an investigation is appropriate, the private eye will be best equipped to conduct it.