Free At-Home Workouts to Try During the Coronavirus Shutdown

By Milo B. Jenkins
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As gyms and fitness classes across the country close their doors to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, it’s up to us to make sure we keep ourselves healthy in the meantime. Thankfully, working out from home has gotten much easier as fitness apps and personal trainers are providing free lessons to help us all stay healthy during the pandemic.

Before starting any new exercise routine, always remember not to push yourself too hard if you aren’t feeling well — your health and safety come first. But if you’re ready to turn your living room into your gym, take a look through these options to see which fitness routine is right for you.


The P.volve fitness platform is committed to safe, functional, movement-based methods to help you achieve the results you want. Sounds like the perfect program for a crowded studio apartment. Even more perfect? They’re offering a free 30-day stream trial of their services during our period of self-isolation.

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Make sure to use the promo code ONEPVOLVE when you create a new account. If you’re still on the fence about the 30-day trial, P.volve is also offering 20-minute workouts for free on Instagram Live. If you’re still curious about their services, check out their YouTube page to see what some of their post-workouts look like.


Fitness Blender

Six million subscribers can’t be wrong! Husband and wife Daniel and Kelli Segars have uploaded over 600 free, full-length workout videos. Each title lists any equipment you may need, which is an easy way to find the right clip. You’ll likely be searching for content without gym essentials, but don’t worry — they have plenty of equipment-free workouts.

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However, their musicless, one-on-one training videos filmed in a blank, white space may make self-imposed isolation feel even stranger. This is the perfect time to blast your favorite guilty-pleasure workout playlist at full volume.

CorePower Yoga

In a move of compassion and business savvy, the CorePower Yoga team has provided a catalog of yoga workouts of various skill levels for free over the next month. "We know that life is challenging right now," they shared on Instagram, "and we hope these changes create peace of mind and keep your practice moving without interruption."

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If you’re interested in mixing strength-training with yoga sequences, then this is the outlet for you. Best of all, the classes are led by charismatic and relatable instructors who play some pretty lively music for a yoga session.


Sweat Factor

From HIIT to yoga, barre to bootcamp and kettlebells to kickboxing, Sweat Factor is offering all of their workouts for free during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sweat Factor has one of the most impressive rosters of trainers in the fitness world, and their workouts are accessible anytime, anywhere.

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If you’re the kind of person who likes a diverse workout routine, then Sweat Factor is the right choice for you. They even have a selection of custom exercises for pregnant women, so anyone can get a little workout in with this catalog of options.

Daily Burn

If social isolation has you craving more human connection, Daily Burn may be what you’re looking for in at-home fitness. The Daily Burn Community Group is 20,000 members strong and is constantly checking in with one another pre- and post-workout.

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They’re offering a free 60-day trial with access to thousands of recorded group workouts during the COVID-19 crisis. If you download their app, you’re also able to access their virtual one-on-one training sessions for even more social engagement.


305 Fitness

Three weeks sounds like a long time to be stuck inside. And let’s face it — it is. But working out, even at home, doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Which is why we’re so grateful for YouTube channels like 305 Fitness.

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Their high-energy dance routines are the perfect way to shake your body and detox from any cabin fever. Blast the volume on high, dress like you’re in a music video and shake your money maker. The videos (and the dance instructors) are going to be your virtual new best friends.