5 Hilarious Games for Kids’ Parties


If you’ve been considering hosting a kids’ party for your kids and their friends, you know how hard it is to come up with entertainment ideas. As a grown up, you might feel out of touch with what the kids like. For example, you might be wondering if the games you played as a kid are out of date and you need to just hand out computer games instead.

The reality is that a wide variety of party games, some of them quite old, can easily hold the kids’ attention for a couple of hours. With these party games, you can turn a low-budget party into a highly entertaining time for your kids and their friends.


Tag works so well because it is such a low-effort game to set up, and the kids love it. On school playgrounds around the country, there’s hardly a kid who has not played a game of tag. The game involves kids running around trying to ‘tag’ others, typically by touching them with the palm of the hand. The kid that has just been tagged now becomes the black sheep that has to tag someone else in order to get to a normal state again. Meanwhile, as the kid that has been tagged is chasing after a new person to tag, the other kids get to laugh and shout, while avoiding getting tagged themselves.

Potato Sack Race

The potato sack race is a fun game to play for kids because of its unpredictable result. With a normal footrace, the most athletically gifted kids have a huge advantage. This is not always the result you get with a potato sack race, however, because the kids must run across a field to the finish line while having their legs contained in a potato sack. The skill here is not so much running fast, but figuring out how to minimize the adverse effect of having half your body encumbered in the sack. As they tumble and laugh about it, the kids will have a fantastic time.

The Chocolate Game

Kids love chocolate, and the chocolate game plays on that. In this game, the kids have to roll a die and whoever rolls a 6 gets to eat some chocolate. You can put a big slab of chocolate in the center while the kids sit around it to roll dice. There’s a hat, gloves and scarf that the chocolate eater must wear before they begin eating the chocolate. The other kids continue rolling the die in turns until someone else rolls a 6. As soon as they do, they become the chocolate eater and the other chocolate eater no longer can eat chocolate.

Treasure Hunt

A well-executed treasure hunt will create the high point of the party for most kids. To do it well, you must lay the groundwork in advance. Prepare the terrain before the kids arrive, so as not to be seen going around the backyard dropping the ‘treasure’. Some ideas for treasure include chocolate packets, specially packaged candy, or even small cash notes such as dollar bills. The idea with the treasure is to make it something that has intrinsic value so the kids are motivated to find it. You will typically wait until after the kids have had some food and plenty of fun before revealing that there is a certain amount of hidden treasure around the yard. The kids then take it upon themselves to use all their ingenuity to find the hidden treasure.

Egg and Spoon Race

This is a popular game during Easter season. To play the game, boil up some eggs and then cool them. Give each kid a spoon and an egg that can fit in the spoon. Line up the kids to race to a marked out end zone. The kids then get to race to the end while trying to keep their egg from falling out of the spoon. In order to win, the kid must get to the end with the egg in the spoon, more or less intact, without cheating. This game is fun for the kids because of the added challenge of keeping the egg in the spoon while running fast enough to beat the other kids.